Freeze Property Taxes & Fees

I promise to advocate and promote the constant yield in Frederick County thereby keeping steady the taxes associated with home ownership. The increases in county bureaucracy and red tape under the current administration must be reined in.

An example of poor fiscal foresight:


President Obama began handing out federal grants for any number of state issues from the ACA or Obamacare to local fire and rescue organizations. While hiring more firefighters and police is a good thing, the devil is in the details. The “carrot and stick” policies of the Obama administration has been a double-edged sword for Maryland and now Frederick County. When the federal government offers money, it only feels good at the time. Free money, right?

This ‘free money’ comes from the American taxpayer and has significantly increased the debt crisis in Washington. Local grants, meant to stimulate the economy and promote an agenda in Washington, can look enticing on the surface but can increase local costs in the long term.

As an example, County Executive Gardner accepted a federal grant of $6,339,748 from FEMA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) program. The grant was touted as an “ask” from Delaney, Van Hollan, Mikulsky, and Cardin who received funding at their request.

So, here’s the catch...

The federal money is only seed money for new hiring and training. The subsidy ends and then the local government must sustain the new employees, their salaries, pensions, and health benefits. Who will make up the $6 million price tag in year two, three, and beyond?

Increasing the size of local government obligations is intoxicating when it’s other people’s money. In short order, the costs must be borne out by the local taxpayer and then sustained through tax increases to cover the growth in government obligations. Our 2017 local property tax increase equals the $6 million increase in costs.

I will not increase the size of government funding obligations and will be mindful of the trap that federal grants can impose on Frederick County.