Promote Slow, Responsible Growth

We can see the results of over development by looking south at Montgomery County (MoCo). There are those in Frederick County that fear MoCo is our future. Show me a high-density area like MoCo and tell me a year when they haven’t raised their taxes. I am not anti-growth. I am for a responsible growth policy that is pro quality of life first! A balance between growth and rural heritage can be found and I believe I am the leader to do it.


High Density Growth on Steroids

Kirby & Blaine


Responsible Growth Policy

Kathy Afzali


No Rural Growth

Glendening & O'Malley

“Frederick County is suffering from political whiplash. Every four years, a new administration gets elected and spends their four years undoing the work of the administration before them.” - Republican Kathy Afzali